Meet Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez Cover Story of "Rich&Beautiful" April Issue

 Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, more known as “Dynasty Man” is one of the top influencers of Middle East. Since his beginnings in the academic field he became member of several national and international academies and received more than twenty National and International awards. Sir Manuel is advisor of some Princes and Royal Houses around the World as well as Honorary Ambassador of different organisations related to United Nations. We are very excited to have Sir Manuel as a Cover Story of “Rich and Beautiful” April issue and ask him few questions on his projects and secrets of being a success.

R&B:  Hey, Manuel, how are you doing today?

MFG: Doing excellent thank you. It is a pleasure for me to be here with you talking about different topics in your great magazine.

R&B: Do you have a no-how how to wake up early?

MFG: Sure, as I am working in different fields I use to wake up early and sleep few hours. Basically, I use to go to sleep at 1 or 3 am and waking up at 7 am. One minute after waking up I use to check my mail and my WhatsApp to look what bad and good news help me to stand up, in that moment is when I have strength to wake up because of happiness or angriness. It is rarely in me to read newspapers where I am living because if I read yellow press I am sure I will wake up in bad mood. For being good updated I prefer to read LinkedIn or the opinion articles of different colleagues of Le Monde and Le Figaro. After that, I have to take my computer and solve the first problems of the day in different fields, but as personal confession sometimes are not problems with fields, are problems with people. I have to say about that: “problems never come alone, is because people creates them”.

R&B: Are you a coffee addict? What do you do to keep you fit all day?

MFG: coffee not really, I don’t use to take coffee, maybe main addiction is Orange Fanta or Chocolate Milk every day, you know this has not caffeine and doesn’t help to have body fit but is my personal addiction. To keep alert and fit every day I have the emotion in my projects and in my family. My emotion is the only that I need. Also, about keeping body fit I don’t care about my body as a sculpture, I use to take care my health, but I don’t take limits as an obligation. I like to eat what I want but for keeping health I do it in small lunches in different times at the day.


R&B: What are your organising secrets? Do you use any planner? How do you manage to keep up with all your projects?MFG: Basically, what I do is keep every project for the just moment. I only use to work in three projects at the same time, but the others that are not being done I keep it planned to do it in the future. What I use to plan all is take my IPhone everywhere. Is not for making publicity but for me ICloud is the best organisation way to keep it all at the date. Although, knowing Hackers and computers I never forget my paper and my fountain pen at home, this is the best way to put keys of ideas on mind.

R&B: You are known as “a man of style”. Do you dress yourself?

MFG: Yes, I always like to buy and dress by myself. It’s rarely I like clothes that others buy to me.  On the past I use to buy my clothes on different marks like Zara. They used to make good designs and good quality with low price. But some years ago, I discovered a shop in Madrid called “Canalejas” that have tailor suits with high quality at very good price. Always you look a picture of me at an event I use to wear their suits. To have the best combination I wear also Boss shirts and shoes by George’s. You know when you are still learning and working you need to have good appearance with high clothes. But now I learned and what I prefer to use is a comfortable shirt, the North Face jacket, jeans and Skechers.

R&B: What are your favourite clothing, accessories, perfume brands? 

MFG: Although I have favourite clothes for every event there are two accessories that I never forget at home: my vintage watches and my vintage fountain pens. I will confess that I am a lover of antique and vintage watches and fountain pens have two advantages: cost and quality. If you have the ability of being a good looker and you want to take a look at street markets, you can find vintage Omega, IWC, Girard Perregaux or similar by the same price of an Apple Watch. I think in addition of being a hobby is also a good business learning, the best example is Wareen Buffett. He started buying and selling antiques at street markets when he was only 10 years old. Although technology can make thinks perfect, as humans we are imperfect so, I prefer non-perfect accessories for everybody although for me are perfect, because they have history and experience. I have watches from First and Second World War that were in battle and I am sure that although technology an Apple Watch or a Sunto can’t have the battle that my oldies have. With fountain pens the same, I have some new fountain pens of Mont-Blanc, Sailor, Cross, etc but the one I use every day is a Mont Blanc of 1964, the same that JFK has, and is strength as a Mic-22. About perfumes maybe is the only thing I allow others to get me, specially, in women. You always need to have the taste that your women like.

R&B: You have so many projects, what is your main activity today? 

MFG: Nowadays I am working hardly in three projects: business, diplomacy and university. About business, developing new products and campaigns by my own company, Mayaimi International Corp. What we use to do in this company is personal and professional advisory dedicated to individuals as well as organisations and Governments. All the solutions are related the different divisions of the company: Advisory, health, art & management, security and media. About diplomacy, since the Private Council of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf, developing collaborations with public and organisations as well as agreements with other royal families and governments. And finally, about university in two fields: learning and teaching. Every day, I am still learning and making different e-learning specialisations in business and management. Although I am also working on developing new university projects as well as to starting collaborations as professor in universities.


R&B: You’ve received more than twenty National and International awards. Your work is highly recognised worldwide! What is your favourite project of all?

MFG: Really, I have not a favourite project in comparation to others. 

On the past I was involved in many good projects that were exciting on that moment, but now, thinking with retrospection, these projects were just a chrysalis. Now I am starting to get maturity for long term projects that will have other view and can begin to seem a butterfly. For example, my last book (Follow your own dynasty) was a chrysalis that with the next book that will be published soon is starting to take a good shape.

R&B: You’ve had numerous executive positions in General Council of Royal Academies and Institutes of Spain. What were your duties?

MFG: The General Council was my mother institution. There I could learn almost knowledges in protocol and diplomacy in different fields from academic field to intelligence. Seems incredible but I also learnt a lot when I was collaborating on the External Information Service of this institution. This taught me how World is moving.

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